Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wow! I can't believe Christmas is over, and it's almost 2012... Where did 2011 go? I guess when you're scrappin' and creating, it goes pretty fast!  Had a busy year; driving to North Dakota to see the grandbabies, stopping in at Mt. Rushmore...

 bringing Miss Piper Grace back with us for a month!  Boy was that a lot of fun having her here!   Looking forward to doing it again, but with both kids!  Although Beckett will probably run me ragged!!  I might have to have Dave take off work so we can both deal with an energetic little 2 year old!

(Piper all settled in the back seat playing on Gramma's phone!  Soooo glad we had this for the trip! She was loving playing Fruit Ninja!)

     I'm sure I'm not the only scrapper out there with a disaster in their scrap room... so I spent the last 2 days organizing and tossing tiny scraps that I thought for sure I would be able to use, and just didn't over the last year!  My husband walked in and said, "Wow, this looks really nice in here... now let's keep it that way!" Yeah, sure, honey... no problem... It's obvious he doesn't understand how a creative mind works! 
     I will have an exciting announcement to make in the coming weeks (and no, I'm NOT pregnant... that ship has sailed!).   I am very excited about it, and if you could see my face, it would be grinning from ear to ear!

    Okay, enough blabbing for now... time to get scrappin'!  Toodles for now ya'll!!

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