Monday, May 9, 2011

First time for everything...

Soooo... going to give "blogging" a try!  Why not... I've already tried 'pink' hair (and liked it!).  Now I just need to figure out what to write about... hmmmmmmmmmmmm... 
   This week is a sad week for a lot of us... our Clinton Roberts craft store is closing.  We are going out with a bang though!  Friday night is a midnight crop, and Saturday, we are all going to wear 'black', as we will be in mourning.  However, we will not let this be the end of our wonderful friendships we have formed while scrappin' at the store~!  We will continue meeting weekly for our own version of "cricut club", but we will probably come up with another name for it!  The business name is going to be "All Cracked Up Designs... And no Place to Scrap"!  Thought that was the perfect name since we are always 'cracking each other up'!
   I am looking forward to designing new and fun layouts... there are so many of them mulling around in my brain already!  I just need to get rid of this silly cold that came on all of a sudden on Mothers Day (of all days).  I've been joking all day that my nose is getting all the exercise (continually running).  Seriously, I don't have time for this, so it can leave tonight!
    Anyway, enough blabbing for this time!  Check back often...  Take care and see ya next time!

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