Sunday, July 13, 2014

Missing in Action!

 My grandson Beckett made his first card in Gramma's card class!  He's so proud of it!

 My mom helping Beckett and my granddaughter, Piper making their cards!

Four generation picture!  My daughter Sophia, my sweet mommy, me, and Piper and Beckett!

    What a crazy summer it's been, and Convention isn't even here yet!  I've already driven to Washington for my niece's graduation, picked up my mom, brought her back with me for an extended visit.  Then two weeks later, on July 4th, my daughter and grandkids arrived for a three week visit!  Can you say full house?
    It's been amazing having the incredible sound of giggles and full out laughter from little kids in our home again!  Grandchildren are truly a special blessing!  (I don't even mind the little piles of toys and play-doh crumbs on the floor!)  I'm usually right there playing with it too, so Grandma's just as guilty there!
     I've got lot's of cards to post, and promise to get right back on it!

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